Welfare drug testing persuasive speech

Some might think the obvious answer might be politicians pandering to an uninformed constituency. These policies have their proponents and opponents, and in this article Wonk Tank examines the arguments.

Drug Testing Welfare Recipients – Pros and Cons

The public, in general, supports providing help to those who really need it. Therefore, it is reasonable to test students on drug abuse in order to learn about their unfavorable social position. Some states have had these programs in place and they suffered greatly trying to implement them.

In Florida, where the practice has been repeatedly challenged in the courts, Republican Gov. Sad to say but many children become the victims of drug abuse at school. Who benefits from all of this? In some states, recipients of welfare funds have already taken the programs to court.

And part of "treating" addicts is often not only getting them into effective drug treatment programs, but also getting them things like stable, affordable housing, job training and food.

Therefore, dealers make money on students and cause harm to the younger generation. There are many ways to improve the current welfare program and I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments. It is useful to conduct drug testing from time to time to detect the students who are under the influence of drugs.

Understanding both the pros and the cons of it means that there is no black and white answer when it comes to the best solution. Why we would want to further punish them is beyond me. A report from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism found that there is no significant difference in the rate of illegal drug use by welfare applicants and non-applicants.

Instead, we should consider supporting them even more, which might help these people escape the circumstances that lead to higher drug use. With this line of intervention it can mean that the person is able to get the counseling and substance abuse help that they need in order to turn their life around.

Many people commit crimes under the influence of drugs. The UCLA maintains that random and mandatory drug testing violates an applicants right to privacy, as well as their right to protection against unreasonable search and seizure.

Last week the Wyoming Senate killed a welfare drug testing bill, citing constitutional questions and also whether the whole issue was actually serious enough to warrant legislation. Those in poverty are often born into poverty, with little support from either the government or society, and lead terribly challenging lives that many of us cannot even fathom.

Parents should be glad that their child was caught early whereas it is still possible to change his life. The testing labs will surely benefit, as well.

Others decide to take drugs because they have personal problems. And yet, the idea is back with a vengeance.Jun 13,  · Drug testing for welfare by Michael De Dora As you may have already heard, Florida recently became the first state to require adults applying for cash welfare assistance (i.e., not food stamps and housing assistance) to undergo drug billsimas.com: Rationally Speaking.

Transcript of argument essay. Drug Test Requirement for Welfare By: Brandy Juarez Child Our Governor along with other Governors have agreed with passing the petition to make drug testing a requirement for welfare Welfare began during The Great Depression in the 's.

Then, just like now, there were many families that needed help from the.

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Title: Drug Testing Welfare Recipients Name: Kacee Langford General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that we need to drug test welfare recipients and to act upon this to change the current policy%(3).

A second opposing viewpoint is that drug testing is racist and stereotypes recipients as drug abusers. While some may view drug screening of government assistance applicants as stereotyping it is important to realize that the individuals proposing drug screening are not forcing anyone to undergo screening.

Applying for government assistance is a voluntary recess [ ]. What 7 states discovered after spending more than $1 million drug testing welfare recipients What a waste. This report is intended to familiarize the reader with the history of welfare reform; the histories of drug testing in regards to assistance eligibility; and persuade the audience to vote yes for mandatory pre-assistance drug testing.

Welfare drug testing persuasive speech
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