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Putin did not comment on these reports. All of these are to be found on the Dissernet. The simple method of analysing dissertations has turned out to be unbelievably productive and effective for studying the epidemic of total lies, hypocrisy and fraud with which the Russian elite is today infected.

The Court rejected a defence application for an independent expert evaluation of the dissertation. As in Germany, the appeal and prestige of holding a research degree extends much wider than academe. Professor Bowring has extensive professional practice representing applicants and appearing in the European Court of Human Rights.

Four more were exposed in May The Secret Life of J. We are interested in the problem of falsified reputations; if you like, with the problem of lies. The results of electronic search and comparison are displayed objectively and in full, with minimal comment.

The plagiarists fight back By the end ofsome of those exposed by Dissernet began to strike back. InDefence Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg also quit after allegations he had plagiarised his thesis.

They are not the sort of ghost writers who do quality research that a lawmaker would put his name on; they steal. Since the s, the number of defended dissertations in Russia has dramatically increased, while their quality has drastically dropped InMikhail Kirpichnikov, then head of the Russian Higher Attestation Commission HAC, or VAK in Russianresponsible for the composition of the examining bodies councils established for each discipline, said that, starting in the early s, the number of defended dissertations in Russia had dramatically increased, while their quality had drastically dropped.

On 10 FebruaryDmitry Livanov, the Minister of Education and Science gave an interview to the business daily Kommersant, in which he denounced Dissernet, saying that its activities were harming the public image of the Russian academic community.

The first is the wave of mass protests in Moscow and other cities fromin which hundreds of thousands of educated Russian have expressed their fury at corruption in public life, and contempt for the democratic process by the Putin regime.

Researchers peg Putin as a plagiarist over thesis

Dissernet co-founder, journalist Sergei Parkhomenko, at a conference in Moscow, Example of Dissernet research showing plagiarism in the dissertation of judge Dmitriy Gordeyuk, In the last analysis, we are not interested in the problem of falsified dissertations or even the problem of dissertations in general.

Germany especially has been in the news: Astakhov had combined a number of short texts borrowed from more than a dozen sources to produce his dissertation. Idioteka journal specializes in exposing pseudo-experts The next scandal concerned the dissertation of a parliamentary deputy of the ruling United Russia Party, Vladimir Burmatov.

Ms Schavan is suing the University. Second, is the fact that all research dissertations are now placed on the internet, and are subject to scrutiny and investigation. In JanuaryAndrei Rostovtsev got together with the well-known investigative journalist and blogger Sergei Parkhomenko.

They found that there were more than 16 pages worth of text taken verbatim from King and Cleland.

Putin accused of plagiarising his PhD thesis

The Library subsequently denied that it had carried out such checks. Minister of Education Dmitry Livanov admitted widespread plagiarism in dissertations by Russian officials. Dissernet does not carry on a struggle with violations of academic ethics, but with violations of ethnics as such.

The spectre of academic plagiarism by high-ranking officials is affecting much of Europe. Russia is a country with codified law on the Napoleonic model.Putin was labelled a plagiarist yesterday after a pair of researchers at the Brookings Institution, a Washington DC think tank, established that the Russian president’s academic credentials were based on a dissertation he had lifted in part verbatim from the Russian translation of a management study written by two professors at the University of Pittsburgh in I mentioned it this morning.

A translation of Putin's summary of his thesis is after the jump: MINERAL AND RAW MATERIALS RESOURCES AND THE DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY FOR. Putin's dissertation. fellows at the Brookings Institute in Washington DC, the New Times in respect of an article entitled ‘Plagiarists in robes’, and ordered the magazine to pay m.

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Mar 24,  · The dissertation, which Putin scholars have tried in vain for years to examine, is one of a number of mysteries surrounding the enigmatic Russian leader’s academic career.

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U.S.A. researchers report plagiarism in Putin's dissertation

When a copy of The Mystery of Vladimir Putin's Dissertation – Brookings Institution 30 Mar Vladimir Putin's dissertation on strategic planning in the resource sector, allegations of plagiarism, and how it shaped Putin's attitudes toward Researchers peg Putin as a plagiarist over thesis – Washington Times 24 Mar Large chunks of Mr.

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