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The joint venture would lead to sharing of technology and expertise so that the process of new product development would be enriched. Both companies viewed Europe as the most important territory.

Sony on the other hand was implementing the strategy of product differentiation by adding new features such as greater speed, superior graphics quality and a new video format. They bought whichever brand happened to have the coolest games. This was because the US market The video game industry essay already being dominated by Microsoft while Japan was being dominated by Sony.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The venture had been launched based on a vision by Nicolas Hayek, Chairman of Swatch, in which he thought that consumers would exhibit the same level of brand loyalty to cars as they did to watches.

The Video Game Industry Essay Sample

More essays like this: The company had so far been limited to the luxury segment of the market. Now it was diversifying into a new market segment through launching the Smart car which was battery operated and thus was environment friendly.

Clearly the European consumer was not going to buy Nintendo or Microsoft because they carried those brand names. Clearly both companies had achieved their market leadership positions through creating brand loyalty.

Recommendations When it comes to launching the Smart car in the US, the existing distribution network should be tapped.

Implications for a global marketer Even though the factory was owned by a German company, it had been located in France in order to reduce costs of production. However the positioning strategy did not turn out as expected. The only market where the car seemed to enjoy a modicum of success was in Britain which had been linked to brand loyalty towards the Austin Mini.

The lesson for the global marketer in all this is that consumer purchase decisions must be rigorously researched when entering a new market. Therefore the management at Mercedes should carefully think about distribution and positioning not to repeat past mistakes.

However the marketing team had to consider the implications of the Dollar-to-Euro exchange rates. These considerations had to be considered extra carefully when it came to launching in Europe because clearly brand name was not enough.

This was a critical success factor when it came to success in the European market because the consumers in this market did not have much brand loyalty.

It was expected that the market would exhibit strong demand for the fuel-efficient Smart car because of the rising Gasoline prices. The Smart City Coupe was launched through a separate distribution network in order to create a distinct brand identify. As a result there was a convergence of different technologies.

References Hitt, Michael A. Ultimately the company should consider moving production facilities to the local market as this would compensate for any unfavorable currency translations cited in Hitt, They would switch to different brands depending on which happened to have the coolest features.Video Game Industry Essay.

Video Game History The video game industry was born in s. Atari and Namco were the notable players in the industry who introduced video games to teenagers in form of arcade game in malls and video arcade.

Sexism in the Video Game Industry Essay.

5 May Sexism Sells: The Male Dominated Video Game Industry Only 4% of video game titles released in the past 10 years feature a playable female character as the leading role, and there are even fewer female protagonists on the list of the top grossing video games (ESA).

The Video Game Industry Essay Sample The video game industry was characterized by a high level of competitive rivalry and the two. The Video Game Industry Essay Words | 7 Pages The Video Game Industry The video gaming industry has come a long way from the first home based gaming system since the Magnavox Odyssey.

The video game industry is the economic sector involved with the development, marketing and sale of video games. It encompasses numbers of job disciplines and employs a lot of people worldwide.

It includes video game consoles, game software, handheld devices, mobile games and online games. Console is the largest segment in the industry. Related Documents: Video Game Industry Essay Marketing: Video Game and Games Essay IN THE VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY Caleb Goetzen American Intercontinental University Professor Carol Sagers March 31, Abstract The purpose of this paper is to identify issues that impact the marketing success of the video game industry and to .

The video game industry essay
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