The three main characters in the magic circle by donna jo napoli

She does not consider herself beautiful; she is hunchbacked and one such as her could not be beautiful. The story is lovely, but the ending is very very sad.

Thank goodness the first person narrative drew me closer to The Ugly One. For nine years she was a healer, for nine years she command Ugly one is what she has been called for a long time. In this instance, Napoli takes us back to ancient Greece during the Trojan War in this dual retelling of the sirens myth and the myth of Philoctetes, the famous Greek warrior left stranded on a deserted island to die.

Instead, she helps a man that has been newly stranded on the island. The reader gets to read the tale from the antagonist view, making Circle a fresh departure from the original. Sadly, the man is growing older while Sirena is still beautiful and young. Unless he loses the wager—and with it his soul.

Much like the original myth, this bittersweet yet hopeful retelling questions the price of immortality and gives us a couple that, although doomed from the start, are worth rooting for.

And yet despite all odds, they do. Crazy Jacka retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk Try it in hardback or paperback. Both books also presented a classic moral-of-the-story, which caused the reader to self-reflect on his or her own moral compass; Circle addressing pride through covetingZel tackling greed through possession.

They warned us of the dangers at sea. Try it in hardback or paperback. Donna Jo Napoli These books are recommended for young adult readers and older. This is a retelling of a Bearskin variant, Don Giovanni de la Fortuna.

The Magic Circle

In addition to the compare and contrast of the original to the rework, there are also comparisons and contrasts found when looking at Circle and Zel. With their seductive voices and ethereal appearance, these harmless looking mermaids cause more peril on the sea than joy.

I think that was the most important thing and that made her beautiful. Circle is solely focused on The Ugly One, the character represented by the wicked witch in the original.

Donna Jo Napoli

Beasta retelling of Beauty and the Beast Try it in hardback or paperback. I smell their shoes and their dirty hair. But Bala tells her that she can become a healer.

At one, the boys build a large pen that the Germans later fill with Jews; horrified, Roberto puts himself at great risk to smuggle food daily through the barbed wire to a starving girl and her sister.

As Mother in Zel was written in the first person narrative, so is written the character of The Ugly One. The day that men turn against the sirens and curse their death-bringing songs.

The good the bad and the ugly

This frustrated me a bit, for it seemed Gretel was written as confident at the expense of writing Hansel as, well, stupid.The Magic Circle, by Donna Jo Napoli dealt with three main characters. In the story a woman named The Ugly One possesses the power to heal.

The woman has a beautiful daughter named Asa. The Magic Circle is a retelling of the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel. The Old Hag listens to an acquaintance and seeks to become a sorceress to heal the sick and dying. The Old Hag listens to an acquaintance and seeks to become a sorceress to /5. The Magic Circle: A Novel has been added to your Cart Add to Cart.

Buy Now Donna Jo Napoli. out of 5 stars Mass Market Paperback. $ The Magic Circle is a flat book. Both the characters and writing are shallow, clomping around as if to say "This is mysterious and intriguing! Something's up!/5(35).

Donna Jo Napoli is both a linguist and a writer of children's and YA fiction. She loves to garden and bake bread, and even dreams of moving to the woods and becoming a naturalist. At various times her house and yard have /5.

Set against the stunning backdrop of ancient Sicily, Donna Jo Napoli’s new novel is a powerful tale about discovering what truly matters most. This is a retelling of a Bearskin variant, Don Giovanni de la Fortuna.

Donna Jo Napoli is the author of many distinguished books for young readers, among them Daughter of Venice, Crazy Jack, The Magic Circle, Zel, Sirena, and Stones in has a B.A. in mathematics and a Ph.D. in Romance linguistics from Harvard University and has taught widely at major universities in America and abroad/5(14).

The three main characters in the magic circle by donna jo napoli
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