The effects of aids in africa essay

For example, to maintain economic stability it may be necessary to target expensive antiretroviral drugs at highly productive socioeconomic groups in specific industries on the basis of their contribution to economic output rather than their healthcare needs.

Within a decade the disease had spread to all populated areas of the world. A Rising Problem Africa is a continent with many social issues and problems. Medical research has further shown that the virus can be contracted through a number of ways.

The virus can also not be contracted through food or water. At this stage, the patient cannot resist any minor infection because his body immunity has been destroyed. This can be done by keeping to only one sexual partner and refusing to accept blood transfusion until the blood has been certified safe.

This is most important because if AIDS is allowed to continue it can kill faster than we imagine. Claims and counter claims by researchers have proved that the cure for it still eludes man.

The impact of HIV and AIDS on Africa's economic development

These children are left to be looked after by the elderly grandparents often the Grandmothers or older children causing many emotional and financial impacts on family life. Workshops using drama and other creative processes are vital in providing the opportunity for them to discuss these issues and establish ways to overcome them in a safe and neutral environment.

It will drastically reduce the population of a country, especially that of the youth. Also, patients going to the hospital for any medical problem should insist on the use of new or properly sterilized needles and equipment.

The Effect of HIV and AIDS

Africa, use the professional writing service offered by our company. These are community centres which allow a variety of programmes to be delivered from them e.

It is however not medically possible to contract the virus through body contact like handshake with an infected person. With our partners we establishe Safe Parks within the townships. This assumption is likely to underestimate the impact of the pandemic on production, because the replacement of skilled labour is a slow and expensive task, and labour cannot be shifted simply from one sector to another agriculture to health care, for example in response to shortages in skills.

The province with the highest increase is KwaZulu, which showed an increase from However, the problem is no longer where AIDS developed from, but how to stop its harmful effects on the human race. The most popular mode of contracting the infectious disease is through casual sex or having sex with somebody who already has the virus.

Africa term papers Disclaimer: Training and support Support groups have been established in some Safe Parks to enable family members to network together and support one another. It is caused by a virus that can be passed from person to person. Listening and learning from one another enables the sufferers families to feel empowered and connected rather than isolated and alone.

Children growing up in these temporary families or child-headed households are more susceptible to poor self-esteem, poor nutrition and poverty.

Free essays on History: As a result, the best way to minimize its effect is to abstain from contracting the disease. With the rising number of AIDS victims each year, Africa must make a drastic change in their culture and economy if they want to control this deadly disease epidemic.

The virus in the patient continues to develop and destroy vital body immunity organs until it develops into a full blown AIDS when it has virtually destroy all body immunity.The effects of HIV/AIDS on families in South Africa is devastating.

The majority of the population that this disease is infecting is the young adults, leaving behind a generation of children who are growing up without the love and care of their parents. You may be unable to write your essay due to lack of time or interest.

The Causes, Effects, And Solutions Of AIDS In Nigeria. For some racial reasons, the whites have claimed that AIDS developed in Africa through a sexual union between man and some other animals. We will write a custom essay sample on The Effects of Hiv/Aids specifically for you for only $ $/page.

Order now To simply replace teachers lost to HIV/AIDS, one province in South Africa would need to train 60, new teachers by The cost of training one teacher is equivalent to more than $10, thus replacing all teachers.

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Africa; AIDS; HIV; The two major economic effects are a reduction in the labor supply and increased costs. By affecting labor supply I mean that the country will lose a large number of young adults in their most /5(9).

Jan 26,  · The macroeconomic effects of HIV/AIDS in Africa are substantial, and policies for dealing with them may be controversial—one is whether expensive antiretroviral drugs should be targeted at economically productive groups of people.

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The effects of aids in africa essay
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