Swot analysis of hp lenovo and

The growth of mobile technology can also be an opportunity. However, there are still major challenges ahead. Introduction Lenovo is one of the most prominent PC manufacturers in the world especially in Asia.

SWOT Analysis of Lenovo

The business could increase its market share by introducing better quality products. It is also one of the major providers of service network products. These are its traditional strongholds. It is headquartered in Morrisville, North Carolina and has more than employees in the world.

Here is a SWOT analysis of Lenovo analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats before it. These companies are grabbing smartphone and laptop market shares.

Growth of tablets market. Negative Sales Growth of Smartphone Industry — for the first time in the history, the smartphone market experienced a negative growth in the year Increasing Competition — Apple Inc. Falling laptop sales — Laptop sales have continued to fall over the recent years.

Apart from it, HP has depended heavily on PC and printer sales for revenue. The serious threat that Lenovo and the other tech companies are facing is a rapid technological change. It helps it to adjust the supply and demand of smartphones in the market.

When they compare the prices, they do not want to spend large amount of money for having a smartphone which has features close to brand smartphones. Demand has grown very fast in this area and Lenovo too could make use of these opportunities for faster growth.

Significant macroeconomic challenges for brands in personal technology industry — The brand in the personal technology industry are facing severe macroeconomic challenges.

It recently introduced its Elite X3 which comes equipped with various business and productivity features. As a result, the business experiences losses and is unable to compete successfully in this lucrative market with companies like Samsung and Apple.

However, after the acquisition of Motorola mobility its smartphone business has caught momentum and this could help Lenovo grab the available opportunities and increase its revenue. The company should focus on growing these divisions as they promise better growth opportunities and higher profit margins.

Lenovo is now in the process of international development. Computer hardware commodity products are sold with a very low profit margin.

In this era of technology, where China produces tech products at a very low cost, most of the companies goes to China to have their products developed at a low cost. Collaboration with Telecom Sectors — They must build the strategic alliance with different telecom companies from different countries.

Therefore, it will prove hard for HP to compete in personal computers market and continue to grow its market share. Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors and opportunities and threats external. The market for PC has matured and is expected to grow very slowly or even decline after a few years.

So, the decline in their sales is bound to hit HP hard. However, the challenge of competition is big as the other brands are also trying to make their clout felt with full might. Strengths Complete Line of Products — It has a complete product line from smart phones to data center.

Most importantly, through successful acquisitions and joint ventures, Lenovo accessed new markets and distribution networks. The company has a significant market reach all over the world in nearly all of the markets it operates.

Tablet market is expected to grow in double digits for the next few years and the company has a great opportunity to release new tablet models and benefit from the market growth. HP is financially strong and could benefit from these trends.

SWOT analysis of HP

Its rapid growth in the PC industry has been fueled by a series of aggressive acquisitions by the brand.Lenovo Company SWOT Analysis.

1. Introduction.

Lenovo Group Ltd in Consumer Electronics

Firstly, Lenovos market share in China is dominant compared to other competitors like Dell and HP. Lenovo is one of the leading brands in China and has maintained this leading place for over 10 years. The companys overall PC market share in China reached % in the fiscal year, an.

Hewlett-Packard SWOT Analysis Strengths Hewlett-Packard is a global technology company and after its merger with Compaq it became world’s biggest computer hardware and peripherals company in the world, ranking 20 in the Fortune list. Threats in the SWOT Analysis of Lenovo: Competition can affect market share: Lenovo faces intense competition from various global companies such as HP, Dell, Samsung, Apple and Acer etc.

in the PC and smartphone market. Lenovo Company Profile - SWOT Analysis: This profile of Lenovo Group Ltd examines the company’s operations in consumer products with supplemental Lenovo Company Profile - SWOT Analysis Our site uses cookies to improve functionality.

SWOT Analysis of Lenovo Posted on January 17, by faizul Lenovo SWOT develops an in depth analysis to investigate the internal and external strategic analysis of. HP Hewlett-Packard 2. Toshiba 3. Apple.

4. Dell. 5. Acer. The brandguide table above concludes the Lenovo SWOT analysis along with its marketing and brand parameters. Similar analysis has also been done for the competitors of the company belonging to the same category, sector or industry.

Swot analysis of hp lenovo and
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