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Lady Macbeth is taken away, while Banquo and Macbeth rally the lords to meet and discuss the murder. Macduff emerges from the castle and tells Ross that Macbeth has been made king by the other lords, and that he now rides to Scone to be crowned. He springs into action with a clear eye toward his purpose, seizing control of the nobles and becoming King of Scotland.

In short, clipped sentences, Macbeth says that Duncan is still asleep. Unlike all the characters of noble birth, who speak in iambic verse, the porter speaks in prose. Macbeth declares that in his rage he has killed the chamberlains. The news is conveyed secondhand through the characters of Ross, Macduff, and the old man.

Macbeth enters, and Macduff asks him if the king is awake, saying that Duncan asked to see him early that morning. He offers to take Macduff to the king.

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Macbeth and Lennox rush in to look, while Lady Macbeth appears and expresses her horror that such a deed could be done under her roof. His good-natured joking with Macduff breaks up the mounting tension of the play and also comments obliquely on its themes.

As Macbeth and Lennox emerge from the bedroom, Malcolm and Donalbain arrive on the scene. Act 2, scene 3 A porter stumbles through the hallway to answer the knocking, grumbling comically about the noise and mocking whoever is on the other side of the door.

Lady Macbeth suddenly faints, and both Macduff and Banquo call for someone to attend to her. The porter says that he was up late carousing and rambles on humorously about the effects of alcohol, which he says provokes red noses, sleepiness, and urination.

His relaxed language seems to signal that his words and his role are less important than those of the other characters, but in his merry banter the porter hits on many truths. Macduff adds that the chamberlains seem the most likely murderers, and that they may have been paid off by someone to kill Duncan.

Act 2, scenes 3—4 Summary: They are told that their father has been killed, most likely by his chamberlains, who were found with bloody daggers. Act 2, scene 4 Ross, a thane, walks outside the castle with an old man. Interestingly, Shakespeare does not show us the scene in which Macbeth is made king.

They discuss the strange and ominous happenings of the past few days: Malcolm and Donalbain whisper to each other that they are not safe, since whoever killed their father will probably try to kill them next.

General chaos ensues as the other nobles and their servants come streaming in. Malcolm declares that he will go south to England, and Donalbain will hasten to Ireland. Suspicion has now fallen on the two princes, Malcolm and Donalbain, because they have fled the scene.Macbeth study guide contains a biography of William Shakespeare, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

Act 3, Scene 2.

Alone on stage, Lady Macbeth expresses her unhappiness: there seems to be no end to her desire for power and she feels insecure and anxious. An ACT-authorized prep book, with three practice tests, each with an optional writing test, plus access to hundreds of additional questions online.

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Other Official Practice Questions For The ACT. Example of the 8th and 9th Grade Version. ACT Practice Questions. ACT Question of the Day. Answer Keys For The Official ACT Prep Guide. Test 1 Answer. Act 2, Scene 4 Ross and an old man discuss the unnatural events that have taken place recently: days are as dark as nights, owls hunt falcons, and Duncan's horses have gone mad and eaten each other.

When Macduff enters, Ross asks whether the. Page 3 of 5 hamlet question answers ACTS 1 TO 5 UPDATE ACT 3 QUESTIONS ACT 3 SCENE 1 The “To be or not to be” soliloquy ) is considered one of the most famous speeches by Shakespeare.

Questions act 2 sc 3 4
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