Newcastle earthquake

The isoseismal map below shows the distribution of Modified Mercalli values.

Newcastle, New South Wales

Newcastle has one of the oldest theatre districts in Australia. The company had a fleet of freighters as well as several fast passenger vessels, including Newcastle earthquake PS Newcastle and the PS Namoi. Together, area source zones and background seismicity preserve the pattern of historical seismicity while allowing for the possibility that earthquakes will occur where none have been observed in the past.

Hence, the demands on certain building types increases and damage is exacerbated. The code was updated again in to better reflect soil conditions, refine the earthquake design spectra, and limit the use of unreinforced masonry, depending on building height and soil type.

Offsetting the increase in exposure, a major upgrade to the Australian building code was implemented in The moderate-magnitude earthquake caused extensive property damage and led to the largest insurance loss1 trended to current dollars from a natural catastrophe in Australian history.

Khosrow Shabestari and senior engineer Dr. This surface deformation represents elastic strain.

1989 Newcastle earthquake

The Namoi had first-class cabins with the latest facilities. The new code moved Newcastle from the lowest seismic zone "0" to a zone of high seismic hazard. Closing Thoughts The anniversary of the Newcastle earthquake serves as a reminder that damaging earthquakes and large losses can and do occur even in relatively stable intraplate regions.

Newcastle Earthquake

The Earthquake On December 28,just three days after Christmas, a local news station in Australia, ABC Newcastle, interrupted its mid-morning programming to announce that there had been an explosion in the studio.

Insured losses from a simulated M5. Commercial renewal has been accompanied by cultural renaissance. However, this historical record is quite short. Epicentral distribution of historical earthquakes present Source: Newcastle earthquake of the coal supply, small ships plied between Newcastle and Sydney, BrisbaneMelbourne and Adelaidecarrying coal to gas works and bunkers for shipping, and railways.

Isoseismal map of the Newcastle earthquake.Newcastle, New South Wales. Jump to navigation Jump to search Newcastle New South Wales; Central Newcastle inviewed from Stockton, across the harbour.

Newcastle. The location of Newcastle in New South Wales earthquake. On 28 DecemberNewcastle. On this day inAustralia's most destructive earthquake hit Newcastle with devastating consequences.

An Unexpected Catastrophe: Anniversary of the Newcastle Earthquake December 09, Editor's Note: Twenty years ago this month, the deadliest earthquake on Australian soil occurred near Newcastle, an industrial city on Australia's east coast.

PART I INTRODUCTION AIM The aim of this report is to describe the Newcastle earthquake and identify its social, physical and economic effects on the community. The event in detail, major effects, how the event was caused, the effects on the communities property, people, infrastructure and economy, will all be addressed in this report.

Also [ ]. The Newcastle Earthquake Database is a valuable resource which records the events, the response, and the city's renewal following the earthquake. The Newcastle earthquake occurred in Newcastle, New South Wales on Thursday, 28 December.

The shock measured on the Richter magnitude scale and was one of Australia's most serious natural disasters, killing 13 people and injuring more than

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Newcastle earthquake
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