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With the presence of tight market competition, it has a negative effect onthe stability of the motorcycle industry. Weaknesses of the company 1. Entering new markets will be an absolute advantage for the company as the brand name is high and the quality of the products is even higher.

Market saturation has caused the products in the market to compete to an extreme level due to technology and price.

KTM-Ready to Race Case Solution & Answer

Alternative no 2 The company should consider investing in the growing economies of the world like Asian economies and increase the revenues by concentrating on the new markets. Technology as one of the main forces in competition.

Ready to Race

The company spends a huge amount on the research and development of the products of the company which to a great extent do not pays back to the company.

This has ledthe management of the company to think over the market strategy of the company and if the company needs to make any further measures Ktm ready to race enhance the sales of the company. The company would have the chance to enter the new markets and capture the whole markets as the competitors are also making investments or they are considering investing in the Asian countries, there fore the management of the company should also consider investing in the Asian economy to increase its revenues.

Conclusion The company should adopt the alternative 2, as this would allow the company to increase the revenues on the overall basis and not only for the off-road motorcycles. KTM is known for its reputation in producing high quality motorcycles especially on off-road motorcycles and the brand name has a very high reputation in the European market.

Developing countries offers great potential market for motorcycle industry as it only has lesser market entry. KTM has a diverse product line which provides enough room for the company to easily tap various market segments like youth, middle aged individuals and motorcycle fanatics.

KTM tends to concentrate more on the market of developed countries as compared to before. Threats to the company 1. Highly competitive market as there is more than one super brand in the market. Fast development in technological advancement in motorcycle industry.

Alternatives Alternative no 1 The company should increase the revenues in the European and North American markets by introducing memberships and loyalty cards for the customers of the company. Moreover, the company has a brand name, which can be used by the company in promoting its brand in the new markets……………… This is just a sample partial work.

Opportunities available to the company 1. KTM will facelosses due to market saturation in its main markets.

Even in the European market the company has not got the majority of the share in the market as there are Honda, Yamaha and BMW in the market with a much bigger share than KTM.KTM ready to race shared KTM India's live video.

Sp S on S so S red S · February 18, · 92, Views. KTM India was live. January 18, · Witness the launch of the all new KTM RC range. Loaded with race features and inspired by MOTO GP.

# KTM # RC # ReadyToRace. See All. Photos. See All. Posts. The company focuses on sport-oriented motorcycles, underscoring its “READY TO RACE” philosophy. In short, KTM’s mission is to produce motorcycles with exacting standards of excellence.

“We are driven by constant innovation, week after week, race after race,” says Philipp Habsburg, head of research and development at KTM.

It’s the next step for Austria’s most successful motorbike racing team. After years of dominance on both the motocross and junior moto circuits, team KTM is making the jump to MotoGP, the. le MX est Ready To Race chez KTM. Les nouveaux modèles seront bientôt disponibles chez Madauto - Madagascar Automobile.

Profitez des grands paysages avec KTM Ready To Race - Madagascar et Moto Tour Madagascar au guidon des toutes nouvelles KTM EXC-F. #readytorace. 2. purity, performance, extreme and adventure - this is ktm. ready to race. Mar 14,  · Drag Races | NinjaYamaha YZ, R3, RX, Banshee, KTM Duke | 14 Seg.

1ra válida motos 1/4 de milla - Duration: Ever Full Speedviews.

Ktm ready to race
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