Itet master thesis topics

What methodology do you intend to use?

We are looking for highly motivated students who are interested in gaining research experience at SMI. Therefore, it is unclear whether the theories developed for the traditional organisations can be direclty applied to online communities.

To this end, we endeavour to further explore this distinction. We plan to use this forecasting methodology as an input in strategy processes of organizations.

How is knowledge sharing of poor people supported? A a list of suggested master thesis topics which tie in closely with ongoing research projects is accessible once you log in with your nethz account. Stefano Brusoni and Prof. If you have ideas itet master thesis topics a topic, feel free to contact any of the team members.

We expect from you a pronounced motivation for this topic, a driven personality to carry out this project with multiple stakeholders and a good academic performance.

We are also happy to supervise BSc and MSc-theses by students from other departments itet master thesis topics ETH and other universities, if the topics can be linked to on-going research in our group.

Despite online communities being extensively studied in recent years, research has been slow to examine the points of commonality and itet master thesis topics between them and traditional organizations Johnson et al.

We invite students with a background in related areas e. Besides restoration of the joint function, aesthetic aspects are also important for the patient because realignment of the leg axis positively influences the visual appearance.

It is essential to write a proposal max. One of the dominant trends over the last decade has been to connect offline and online identities of individuals and artifacts further exploring the digital visibility of human behaviour Rhue and Sundararajan Exploring the potential of long-term trend forecasting as an important tool for strategic planning Published May We are setting up a new tool for analysing technical, societal and economic trends to serve as important input for the development of institutional strategies.

We invite scholars from all over the globe to share their most recent research findings. Master thesis on transformation of development projects to independent organizations with Skat Foundation Skat Foundation Projects in the development cooperation often provide good quality services, which tend to end or discontinue once the project phases come to an end.

To provide ideas on possible topics, see also the overview of past theses supervised in our group below. We are looking forward to visiting with you and discussing the topics in detail. Christofer Hierold will supervise this project.

Our aim is to support students in investigating concepts from work and organizational psychology leadership, team dynamics, work design, creativity, career management, to name a few in relation to broader questions in the management of organizations, such as improved work flows, resource and project management, risk management or organizational change.

Performing a community analysis of e-mail archives, identifying clusters of users, identify behavior patterns, interprete patterns Adobe PDF vs.

If you are interested in or have specific questions about any of the listed topics, please contact the indicated contact person directly by email. The students are welcome to define and propose their own theses topics within these areas in addition to the thesis topics offered below.

Why do the firms behind them, IBM resp. The project builds up on existing methods and equipment, but also requires the development of new strategies optimized for the given scenario of patient image acquisition and model generation.

All details regarding the duration of work and other administrative details should be clarified with the corresponding institution by the student. Why do these two companies invest so much to give away a standard and even software for free?

Send the proposal to the team member you think the topic fits best, and we will promptly arrange a meeting for further specification of the topic. You should have a solid background in computer vision and strong programming skills.

Based on what assumptions is it possible to predict the diffusion of these formats? The process of organisational transformation is not an easy path.

In what way are these software development platforms similar, in what way do they differ? Master Thesis with Zurich Neuroscience Center We have an interesting topic about translating life science research findings into marketable drugs - please take a look at the topic proposal PDF, 42 KB.

Upcoming brown bag seminars Will be announced soon. In a first step, the workflow for generating a 3D textured appearance model from the patient leg before surgery will be developed.

Although you do not have to be an expert in any of these fields, it is highly recommended to attend at least one of our courses.

All general enquiries about writing a thesis in our group should be directed to Jacqueline Hohermuth.A a list of suggested master thesis topics which tie in closely with ongoing research projects is accessible once you log in with your nethz account.

Semester and Master Projects at BIWI

We strongly encourage you to have a close look at these topics and consider them. Master Theses are offered primarily to Master students of the Environmental or Civil Engineering curricula. In individual and selected cases it is also possible for students from other departments or abroad universities to carry out their master thesis at the Chair.

In selected cases it is possible. Semester and Master Projects at BIWI We constantly offer interesting and challenging semester and master projects for motivated students at our lab. Below, you can find a list of topics that are currently being offered.

We welcome MTEC-students (MSc and MAS) to write their Master's thesis in our research group. Thesis topics can be chosen from the list of currently offered topics below, but can also be individually defined based on students' interests together with the tutor and supervising research assistant.

Master thesis topics of our group are listed in the D-USYS data base, and documented in a pdf-file (as of February ) which is presented at the MSc Theses fair in February.

See also our research for further information. Projects and Master Thesis; Credit System/Grades; Exams; Degree Request D-ITET was present with exciting exhibits and demos as well as interesting presentations.

Klaas Enno Stephan in the finals of Art of Leadership Award (ALEA) The Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering of ETH Zurich is .

Itet master thesis topics
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