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I also make it a point to attend school on this day every year though I never participate. The prize distribution followed the sports. The various sporting activities include flat race, hurdle race, cycling, high and long jump, etc. The Principal invited parents also.

Annual School Sports Day Essay

They are full of joy in this day. The day starts with the usual Assembly and then, all of us are instructed to go to our allotted places on the lawn, class wise.

The chief event of the concluding function was the group dances performed by the different houses and the prize distribution by the chief guest. Unsuccessful contestants were given participation certificates. Then came the items for strong and healthy boys-the shot-put, the discus throw, and the javelin throw.

Short Essay on Annual Sports Day in School

The principal of the school took the salute. Different Kinds of Races: The month of November is earmarked for the occasion, as, at this time, the weather is congenial for a long span of games on the field.

Sports events commenced soon after this. Write an Essay on the Annual Sports Day of your School Article shared by Today a school without games and sports is unthinkable, as sports and games have become an integral element of present-day education.

The winners of all these events were also awarded on this day. All the teachers took part in it. As usual an interesting programme was made for the day. He lifted the weight with great ease.

It was a great fun to see the boys running with their hands tied backward. There were obstacle and walking races too. It was a great fun when boys jumped to pluck an apple tied higher up. Different works such as, the preparation of the welcome gate, pandel, flag post, tracks, Olympic torch, decoration of the area, arrangement of the prizes, etc.

Last year our annual school sports day was organized on 15 December. Every year, after seeing this event, I decide that, I should also try to take part, but, the enthusiasm soon fades away as, I must admit that, I am not too keen a lover or fan of sports and games. It was held in our school play ground.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and returned home with three medals. After this, the announcement for the close of the programs for the day is announced. This is the ultimate moment of pleasure for winners when, amidst loud clapping and shouting of cheers, they get their rewards for their good work - from the Chief Guest.

The participating students display their ability through these sports. There are volunteers from the senior children who guide the smaller ones to their respective places and soon all is set as per the plan. Thereafter, he was led to the specially erected pandal by the Wangala dancers. The three kilometer cycle race was worth seeing.

The participating students were divided according to age. It is held once a year, around the month of December.Dec 12,  · I devour great prose about sports, and will read the same piece sometimes dozens of times, in an attempt to learn more about the craft and, frankly, to.

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Sports Day It was the annual sports day again, everyone excited as usual. Three streams G,L and M. Kimberly, Kerry,Lee, Stephanie, Sparkle,jesse and Britney were some of the students of the G team on the cheerleading squard and the March past. Aug 24,  · How to Write an Article for Your School Newspaper.

Writing an article for your school newspaper or magazine can be exciting and rewarding, especially once you see your name in print.

Look for possible issues you encounter during your school day, or conflicts that you might want to delve further into. 2. Brainstorm%(38). Write a Short Essay on Your School Annual Sports Day. Article shared by. The annual school sports day is celebrated in our school with great preparations. This day gives us a great pleasure.

We are full of joy on that day. Write an Essay on the Annual Sports Day of your School ; Free Essay on Sports in School for Kids.

I’m an economical writer, but there’s just no way I could write an article in 20 minutes, but now I’m starting to think seriously about this. One thing he mentioned that I’ve always done is to draft something up, then come back to it–preferably the next day, though I don’t always have that luxury.

How to write an article on sports day
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