Globalisation for good or evil

Shaun, Teignmouth, UK Globalisation is a good thing if it is not fuelled by greed. Pray, why should the third world countries not be a beneficiary of the technological changes that are taking place elsewhere? Our job is to make this transition easier, in order to do this we do need to put their firms in competition with western firms.

Maintaining a continuous cycle of war and rebuilding in developing countries using first world arms and bank loans is now more difficult to hide and having to be replaced.

Rapidly rising world demand, together with oil supply which is barely rising, pushes world prices upward. Developing countries are better able to use higher-priced oil than developed countries.

Globalization uses up finite resources more quickly. Peaceful global protests against globalised injustice are the best globalisation one can imagine. My conclusion is that globalisation is a good way to forward for the world economy as long as the First World think of the political, economic and cultural conditions of the developing countries.

Do not try to explain it any other way.

Is globalization good, evil or both? Debate heats up to new level

We the citizens and customers would lose. But it certainly seems to me that the global trading mother is having morning sickness at present. By the same token, Western Europe would never have dreamt of becoming an economic giant without its wide-ranging set of welfare provisions, some of which would have put the old Soviet Union to shame.

The protesters, however, believe that globalisation is merely an excuse for big business to run roughshod over the developing world. Living a long and good life with our friends and family, in a larger view, with other people.

Right now it is far from that and only exists between rich countries. If globalisation is inevitable at least let us make it ethical.

May 7, by Will Gemma Globalization is not a new concept in the world. I as a constituent cannot vote that particular political effect out of power, as I am not a shareholder, but a citizen, this is fundamentally against democracy! The G8 summit merely provides that excuse.

R Roy, London, England You cannot have a debate on globalisation because the people who control the media, especially in the US, stand to gain most from globalisation.

Globalization has a hand even in the smallest businesses at least, in first-world countries.

They flew in planes owned by multinational corporations and drove cars that were manufactured by multinationals and those black sneakers they wear, while hurling rocks at the Genoa police, were manufactured by a multinational.

It requires the will of the people They are easily recognisable, being those who chart special trains, use mobile phones, and eat in McDonalds. Dr Alvin Wyman Walker, Harlem, New York, US Globalisation means interdependence, but unfortunately developing countries are forced to depend on developed countries and the latter use it as an opportunity to exploit the former.

In fact research shows that wages paid by foreign firms to workers in poorer countries are about double the local manufacturing wage. Globalisation is the cheapest domination found. Are they afraid of the developed world being better them they are?

Impact Of Globalization: The Good, The Bad, The Inevitable

It merely seeks to expose the perils of globalisation, and the hypocrisy behind it. This makes relations much more stable between both. But globalisation among developed countries and developing countries is an evil and a sin.

This is all the effect of colonisation. There will be winners and losers. If he did not have all of this money, would Africa have it now? I think that corruption, incompetence, and war are much more to blame than large companies.

Opponents will find their insular world no longer exists try buying goods made only from British components! Globalization ties countries together, so that if one country collapses, the collapse is likely to ripple through the system, pulling many other countries with it.

This is because the "opening up" of trade usually results in the swamping of local markets; it results in governments being forced to withdraw social provision as the conditions for IMF aid; it results in quality controls, such as those that prevent the import of GM foods into Europe, being attacked as "restraint of trade" by the US.

At this point, high oil prices together with globalization have led to huge US deficit spending since In ten years time they will all be managers in big companies, or maybe ministers in governments and worrying about their own teenager rebels.

Does anyone really believe that the poor countries would be better off without it? Globalisation is just the modern way of carrying this on, sponsored by US and its allies.A good example of the good effects of globalisation that you never hear about (since it's such an evil thing, apparently) is how, for example, K-Mart checks where all the clothing and shoes they sell are made at personally before selling them, to avoid slander on the news when it turns out slave labour was involved.

Mar 20,  · Globalisation is Good - Johan Norberg on Globalisation(full video) Malthus0. Kenya and Brussels to see the impact of globalisation, and the consequences of its absence. It makes the case that.

Is globalization good, evil or both? Debate heats up to new level. New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman points to two very different takes.

Globalisation: good or bad?

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Is Globalization a Necessary Evil? Side Effects of the Globalization

Home» Is Globalization a Necessary Evil? Side Effects of the Globalization. TITLE. Is Globalization a Necessary Evil? Side Effects of the Globalization. AUTHOR(S) POPA, Claudia Diana.


Globalisation -for Good or Evil

DATE. The critics of globalization believe that free international trade in goods and financial assets does more harm than good. They view it as a. Feb 06,  · Every year anti-globalisation protesters target the World Economic Forum. They believe that globalisation is an excuse for big business to run roughshod over the developing world.

Is this the case? Or can it be a force for good? Join our debate.

Globalisation for good or evil
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