General activities of jamuna bank ltd

The cheque is duly signed by the drawers. These functions provides base of the whole operation of the bank. Cheques are not frequently returned for insufficient funds in the account. Any material part of the cheque is not mutilated.

With this end in view JBL has introduced Marriage Deposit Scheme, which offers you an opportunity to build up your cherished fund by monthly deposit of small amount at your affordable capacity.

To promote organizational effectiveness by openly communicating company plans, policies, practices and procedures to employees in a timely fashion. When any expenses is paid by the bank, a debit voucher is sent to the customer for information.

Bank reserves the right to change the rate of profit during the tenure of deposit. You have to open an account with any branch of JBL. A banker is not under statutory obligation to give a written answer on a dishonored cheque. These banks promote growth in the food sector, by giving loans to farmer at a relatively lower interest rate.

A few Cheque Books required for current consumption of the Deposit Department shall be taken out from the main stock under control of an authorized officer.

There is no restriction on maximum number though it is always advisable to keep it within manageable limit. Other points similar to those as explained above are followed. Different rates of interests also noted among these banks. In addition, it helped me to know the practical knowledge of banking operation.

The date and time on which those instructions received shall be marked on the letter and signed by an authorized officer. The signature of the account holder shall be verified with the signature on the previous letter.

To ensure optimum utilization of all available resources. Inter Branch Transfer of Account In case of transfer of Savings or Current account to another branch, a letter of request should be obtained and action be taken after verification of the signature and taking proper approval of the Manager.

The excess amount overdrawn is called overdraft. The employees of Jamuna Bank Limited remain so much busy with their own work that it is quiet tough provide time for making the concept clear in a particular area.

Banks also facilities to from Hajj groups. Their motto is not profit alone, but service. The can deposit the monthly instilment at any branch of JBL and the same through on-line banking. To meet our deposit and wants we need right plan. Accepting Deposits Accepting deposits is the most important function of all commercial banks.

Provides Lockers Facilities Commercial banks provide lockers facilities to its customers for safe custody of Jewelry, shares, Securities and other valuables.

To manage and corporate the Bank in the most efficient manner to enhance financial performance and control cost of fund. As a part of satisfying their objectives through their customer Jamuna Bank Ltd.

If a farmer has lots of agricultural field then the more will be the loan provider. All these banks are listed as below: The relative specimen signature cards and account opening form shall then be taken out from file for transfer by the concerned department.

Jamuna Bank limited has provided its Banking service with a top leadership and management position. In case of death of a partner who was not operating the account the surviving partners shall be advised to close the partnership account and open a new account.

Other points similar to those explained above are followed.

General banking activities of Jamuna Bank Limited

Rationale of the study General Banking is a heart of any banking and all types of customer took their services from General Banking. The commercial banks pay interest on this type of deposits.

It can commence business as soon as it receives certificate of incorporation. It is the most important and preliminary work of a bank.

Offers the following accounts: The Qarz-e-Hasna is refund Ale in easy installments. I am not experienced enough to complete the study because I am a person of new hand on such study. We experience our expectations and wants are enormous in nature in our small span of life.General Banking Activities of Jamuna Bank Ltd.

General Banking: General banking department is the heart of all banking activities. This is the busiest and important department of a branch, because funds are mobilized, cash transactions are made; clearing, remittance and accounting activities are done here. General banking activities Experiences from Jamuna bank - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Internship Experience from Jamuna bank. General banking activities Experiences from Jamuna bank. Jamuna Bank is a semi commercial Bank in Bd. by fatin4arefin in Types > School Work, report, and intern Internship Report on General Banking Activities of Jamuna bank.

Experienced shared by Fatin Arefin. Jamuna Bank Ltd. offers a complete range of advisory, financing and operational services to its corporate client groups combining trade, treasury, investment and transactional banking activities in one package.

Whether it is project finance, term loan, import or export. Analysis of General Banking Activities of Jamuna Bank Limited: A Case Study on Jurain Branch for internship report as required by the supervisor, Mr.


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Mahbub-ul-Alam, Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration, (BIU). SECONDARY DATA: The annual report of the bank. The Scheduled Bank Statement reports generated for Bangladesh bank. General Banking Operational Manual Banks website and other publications.

Limitation: The study is constructed with some limitations. These are given bellow: The main limitation of this report is the internship program is time, because this is very short span of time to make an.

General activities of jamuna bank ltd
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