Essays on cultural diversity in the classroom

When he needed them to quiet down he just raised his hand and gained the attention of the students. My first field experiment was very necessary for me to observe the ways of a successful teacher. In general, most students are comfortable interacting with people, behaviors, and ideas that they are familiar with but react with fear and apprehension when faced with the unfamiliar.

The way he controlled this was to have the girls sit together and have the boys sit together. Benson stayed in control and realized that the classroom volumes will fluctuate within the period.

He allowed them to see how grammar changes the meaning of a sentence, which gave it value in the eyes of he students. Gender was the first sign of diversity I noticed in the students. Using a culturally-centered instructional approach can help facilitate cultural pride among diverse students.

Also I know that dispositions of the teacher can either encourage student learning or hinder it. Providing diverse students with examples of diverse contributors to these fields and using culture-specific subject matter when teaching core topics will help them perform better in these highly scrutinized and important domains.

They sat in a group setting and I noticed the males sat together and the females did the same. Diversity simply put, is to have variety or differences inside of a group. I could barely hear what was being said but body language showed that the student was frustrated and that Dr.

Benson had were humility, confidence, patients, and openness. Benson helped them retain the information better.

One example I saw of accommodation was when a student who had bad eye siht was allowed to come stand in front the class and work the problem on the board. All too often, students are exposed to ethnic stereotypes on television and in movies. I noticed that about three students began to get frustrated when they could not grasp the same understanding the other student did.

The student flourished because the attention was not given to the exceptionality but instead, toward the question the student answered on the board. In addition to tailoring classroom activities and lessons toward multicultural appreciation, it is critical that the educator provide students with a culturally responsive learning environment.

This class used a heterogeneous type teaching method. Benson did a great job of showing empathetic acceptance to each student which allowed for open discussions without students feeling embarrassed or shy.

It contributed to me learning how to deal with diversity, classroom control, and accommodation for different learning styles.

Promoting Respect for Cultural Diversity in the Classroom

As the students entered the classroom no student seemed to stand out from the next student.Addressing cultural diversity in the classroom. Cultural diversity and diversity in general is something that we should champion in the modern age.

As a teacher however, it brings challenges to engage and maintain a student’s learning in the classroom environment.

Diversity in classroom

Diversity’s Evidences. for example, by challenging stereotypes and building cross-cultural understanding.

a more self-definitive characteristic that a student possesses has ended up shaping their contribution to the classroom discussion in a poignant and powerful way. I recall, for instance, one day when we were working through a. - Cultural diversity is an American ideal yet our cultural experience is similar to many around the world.

An analysis of two vastly different scientists’ views on the nature of cultural change and diversity sheds light on why deep-rooted cultural intricacies from generations ago are fading into oblivion. Managing Diversity in the Classroom Introduction In a regular classroom, there is a wide range of diversity of students.

They are different in gender, culture, social class and learning ability. They are different in gender, culture, social class and learning ability. Diversity in the classroom may include: exceptionalities, culture, language, learning style and gender. We will write a custom essay sample on Diversity in classroom.

Essay about Diversity in the Classroom - The U.S. Department of the Interior, describes the term "diversity" is used broadly to refer to many demographic variables, including, but not limited to, race, religion, color, gender, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, age, education, geographic origin, and skill characteristics.

Essays on cultural diversity in the classroom
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