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Vulnerable Population Children and Pregnant Women Poverty and famine mostly affect little children who are forced to live in harsh conditions because their parents cannot afford a comfortable livelihood. These diseases not only increase health expenses for the affected families but also cripple their source of income.

Conditions such as inadequate shelter, poor sanitation and lack of clean water make the children very vulnerable to being infected by a disease-causing organism.

So, the problem lies not in the production of food but in its distribution. According to The World Bank more than 1. According to UN Food and Agriculture Organization FAOone in twelve people worldwide are malnourished, including million children under the age of five. Moreover, there are incidents when people overate after a long period of starvation and died.

Some districts are more privileged than others, which allows them to train their tributes better than the poor. The USA would have to have a monarch as a president if anything like the hunger games were to come true.

They killed millions of innocent lives and were a horrible creation. Class warfare, an overpowered government, and suffering for entertainment can all be a reality if the government becomes as corrupt as the Capitol in Panem.

World Hunger

In this way, the less economically developed countries will be able to increase their food supplies, while the farmers will still gain competitive prices for their produce.

References Kenya Open data The proportion of hungry people in Latin America and the Caribbean has dropped from These groups are susceptible to contracting diseases such as malaria, cholera typhoid, etc.

These economic conditions only fuel increased ill-health as a result of poverty and hunger. Often, cultural beliefs prevent progress. Dry-land Asian rice culture averages using 1 calorie of energy to produce 20 calories of food.

Food problem arises in some countries as they have very little arable land due to the soil being too hard, temperature too extreme, or there might not be enough water in the area. As the biggest part of those who crave is the women, there are a lot of miscarriages and deliveries of dead babies.

These countries are from the same regional block, forming the Eastern Africa Community. According to the data provided in72 countries have achieved the Millennium Development target of halving proportion of the chronically undernourished, the number of hungry people in the world has dropped to million —the proportion of people, who are unable to consume enough food for an active and healthy life — has declined from Some efforts have already been made and have improved the situation.

Everyone knows about gas chambers. This, in turn, results in bad health that might end up tying them down thereby living their dependants in even worse of conditions. Knowing these few facts is just the beginning to understanding how serious and how real this problem is.World hunger is an ancient problem in the world, in which Asia and Africa have been experiencing increasing alarming rates of starvation that demands a solution.

World hunger is not due to a lack of food, but rather a disproportionate population distribution and an inadequate mismanagement of supplies.

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Essay on poverty and hunger In Kenya, the sub-Saharan country in Africa still battles with poverty, which has proven to be a huge menace for the developing world. This at times leads to hard times that result to hunger popping its head periodically every once in.

World Hunger Essay - World Hunger This web page's goal is to introduce the visitor to the problem of world hunger and provide ways to access more information through books and other web sites.

World Hunger Essay

The page was created as a final project for an Environmental History class held at the University of Vermont spring semester According to World Hunger and Poverty Facts and Statistics, the most suffering countries are the Asia: with million people starving, Sub-Saharan Africa with million, and Latin America and the Caribbean with 37 million deprived of food.

Hence,world hunger is a symptom of world poverty.

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Although hunger is caused by many factors, the most dominant reason is linked with poverty. Conclusion. The world community has the material and all that is needed to.

words essay on Global Hunger Problem. Believe it or not, around 24, people die directly from hunger or hunger related diseases every day.

Essay hunger world
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