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The exhibition also features three sculptures of charging cell phones. A key point to remember considering this work is that these records were only ever intended to be used whist DJing and not listened to in a stand-alone format. The title of each of these works describes the process by which it was made.

For example, one work is titled Photoshop CS: Arcangel and Ciocci met in in their freshman year at Oberlin College in a beginner programming class centered around the Macintosh rolodex and Cory arcangel language Hypercard.

Early life[ edit ] Arcangel grew up in BuffaloNew York and attended the Nichols Schoolwhere he was a star lacrosse goalie. Integrating older versions of games and software into his work, Arcangel often highlights the ever-changing nature of technology, offering the viewer a sense of nostalgia for that which has been replaced and updated.

Many of his shows include a variety of old and new work from Arcangel. The pieces are displayed on 70" flat screens using a media player. Lake series[ edit ] In and Arcangel exhibited a series of X H.

Titled after the means of its creation, the present work, Photoshop CS: He studied classical guitar at the Oberlin Conservatory of Musicbut later switched to major in the technology of music, graduating in He was very interested in guitarpracticing eight hours a day by the time he turned seventeen.

Arcangel was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and his treatments gave him both concentration and memory issues, completely wiping out his short-term memory for a period of time. Each photograph is crowded with an assemblage of contemporary trash, such as old calculators, broken Apple computer adaptors, food wrappings, medicine bottles and stuffed toys.

I also have to think about them as sculptures… because they play on the idea of what should be hanging in a gallery. The arrangement of each phone, its power adapter, and the wall socket will be dramatized in the space by Ciocci; the sculptures are modeled after the awkward positioning that personal cellphones appear in while being charged in public spaces such as the library or the airport.

Arcangel says, "But throwing a gutter Cory arcangel is just humiliating. Unsold items are send to the outlet center from Goodwill retail stores, and are available to purchase - unsorted by the pound - in massive bins.

Ciocci arranges and photographs these items from above, laying the objects flat on a white surface in a technique called Flat Lay. Ciocci is a founding member of the influential art collective Paper Rad whose work in the field of net.

This, he says, was what made it "click" for him. Growing up during the s and s, Arcangel was immersed in a period of intense technological advancement. Similar to the original NES game, except that the gangsters from the original have been replaced by Andy Warholand the "innocents" have been replaced by the PopeFlavor Flavand Colonel Sanders.

The cancer returned inand his lymph nodes were removed, freeing him of the disease. Pop culture images have had the outdated Java applet "lake" applied, creating the series of film images. At 33, Arcangel was the youngest artist ever to receive an entire floor for new work with Pro Tools, his solo show at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Cory Arcangel

Often, the cord is not long enough, the socket is too far away, or the phone is too big to lay anywhere but on the floor.Cory Arcangel is a computer programmer, composer, and artist living in New York.

His fine art work has appeared in solo shows at such venues as the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. Lot 31, 20th Century & Contemporary Art Evening Sale, Cory Arcangel, London Auction 27 June Team Gallery, a commercial art gallery dealing in work by emerging artists and the fringe of contemporary culture.

Under the auspices of Jose Freire. Cory Arcangel is a leading exponent of technology-based art, drawn to video games and software for their ability to rapidly formulate new communities and traditions and.

Cory Arcangel's Official Portfolio Website and Portal. A technological exploration of obsession and obsolescence underlies all the works in ‘currentmood’, Cory Arcangel’s second solo show at Lisson Gallery London.

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Cory arcangel
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