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Workers may be skilled at construction techniques common in Belize but may lack knowledge about building in the American or European style.

We always recommend using a vetted attorney-at-law to finalize your real estate purchase. Your mileage may vary and may very well go to paying those nose-bleed franchise fees. There will also be an on-site management team that will be able to take care of your home with property management services available should you chose to rent it when you are away.

Buy Belize Real Estate with CPC. Your trusted broker in sunny Belize!

Many retirees, ex-pats and foreign investors from various countries like United Buying a home in belize a, Canada and Europe have become enchanted with this extraordinary country. Library of Congress employee known locally as Four Dollar Charlie, recently shared with us his annual Belize property tax return.

For sure you can spend a lot of money on North American-style luxury developments. Hurricane straps and rafter ties are inexpensive protection against having the roof blown away. Outside of urban areas, it is difficult to find qualified craftspeople such as electricians and plumbers.

Buying costs are moderate in Belize

Another option for the expat building in Belize is to purchase an abandoned or half-built home at one of the government or bank auctions, and then finish construction yourself. Once a property has been chosen, negotiate.

Agents are not required to have any certification or license. Deed of Conveyance This is the oldest form for ownership of property in Belize, ownership by way of Deed of Conveyance is in fact the absolute right to ownership of property.

As demand for property in Belize continues to grow, the architects at Orchid Bay continue to design exclusive real estate opportunities including condominiums, villas, and homesites.

Eight to twelve months, or longer, to build a house is not uncommon. Black Eddy, Cayo Cozy 1 bedroom home with 2 separate cabanas situated on seven lush acres and lots of fruit trees.

To pique this already outstanding description, Belize is known for its high concentration of Mayan Temples, Rivers, and Interconnected Cave Systems - not to mention the many exotic animals and plants that that live throughout the country in its undiscovered regions.

Lots of tropical plants and fruit trees. Real estate prices are highest on Ambergris Caye which is regarded as being almost overrun with tourists and expats but which has the attraction of the Barrier Reef.

This is is one of the few countries in the world where foreigners enjoy the same right as nationals in land ownership and tenure — and land rights on the beach are not difficult to obtain. One of the best ways to avoid being ripped off and get a better price, is to try and find the owner of the property you are interested in and cut out the middleman — the real estate agent.

It has 2 flats and the most elegant front entrance stairway and large covered front and back verandas overlooking the private estate with views of the surrounding jungle. You can receive free information about the " Best Buys in Belize Real Estate "customized to fit your buying criteria.

Buying Property in Belize

Regardless of where or how you build, you need to be on the site to manage and oversee the construction, or pay someone you trust very well to do that for you.

Providing the best Real Estate Services in Belize is both our goal and purpose. The ownership by means of conveyance may be converted to a Certificate of Title through an application for a first registration. The entire home is double insulated and includes all furniture Thereinafter any subsequent purchaser is issued a Transfer Certificate of Title.

Subscribe to our " Hotlist of Upscale Homes in Belize ". Tap into our expertise about Belize! Belize has a long tradition of private property rights for everyone.

A medical doctor who recently finished his house in the Belize City area told us his foundation and pilings ran him U.

Homes For Sale in Belize - Available Properties

At the low end, that would be a simple Belizean-style concrete block bungalow house or frame construction, and at the top it would be high-quality concrete construction with hardwood floors and trim and with many custom details such as hand-made doors and windows. Less than 10 minutes to shopping, dining, and only 15 minutes to the regional airport.

And likewise, many crooked real estate brokers, especially those in the luxury real estate segment. A title search done through a local attorney should not cost you more than U.

Elevated and overlooking the fresh water lagoon.We act primarily as a buyer’s agent and we co-broker real estate transactions with all other reputable real estate agents in Belize. We have a wide diversity of properties. Home For Sale in Corozal, Corozal Belize - Oasis Subdivision $, USD Cozy Beautiful Retirement Home Sitting On Acres - Make your dream of owning a tropical home in Belize come true.

Build Your Own Home In Belize

Belize may be a small country, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in outdoor adventures. The undulating sub-tropical jungles in the West offer sensational hiking trails, bird watching, cave tubing and Maya ruin explorations.

Save yourself from " Common Buyer Traps" when buying a home in Belize. Tap into our expertise about Belize! Tap into our expertise about Belize! Since there are no licensing requirements for realtors in Belize, choosing RE/MAX, a globally recognized and trusted name in real estate, is a smart choice.

Like anywhere in the world, local Belize real estate scams do exist. Be wary of fast-talking real estate brokers, attorneys or anyone making a high pressure pitch. Do not be afraid to walk away or take your own deliberate time on any real estate transaction.

Belize real estate - Caribbean real estate - Beach lots for sale in Belize - Belize homes for sale WHAT A FIND in Corozal Belize! 5 Bedroom, 2 Bath home on 30 expansive acres.

How To Buy Belize Real Estate

Nearly square feet with a foot veranda. Waiting your personal decorating touches, a terrific opportunity to secure a great acreage and home at entry level.

Buying a home in belize a
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