Artist salvatore zofrea

The modelling on her breast and the sheets around her seem to give off the sense of her body heat. His "Capricornia Suite" documents the labours of Italian migrants in the Queensland canefields while his monumental series of woodcuts "Appassionata" documents the story of his life.

In the Italian Government awarded him the title of Cavaliere Knighthood for his contribution to art in Australia.

Salvatore Zofrea masters ‘The Greats’

This, I believe, is the challenge for any true artist. It stands as a beacon of light to serious painters today. His paintbrush makes this image sing — and reminds us that everything we create is a reflection of ourselves, of our own emotions and thoughts.

As well, the way he applies his tones — he is very much into harmony — the gradual tones of the foliage and the trees is inspiring because this is extremely challenging.

One sister looks up at him with an expression of a child listening to a magical storyteller, while the other sister, about to place bread upon the table, pauses in her action, seemingly transfixed by the words she is hearing.

And it should remind modern-day painters of what can be accomplished with oil paint alone. This work has continued to inspire, from the moment it was created right up to the present day.

To my awareness, no painter in modern times has been able to express the real nature of human flesh like Rembrandt. The Quercianella Series is based on Psalm 40 and features scenes from the seaside town of Quercianella in Tuscany.

Oil on Canvas Detail Archibald Competition Salvatore Zofrea was born in and migrated with his family from Italy to Australia at the age of nine.

The quality of light, the modelling of form and the way Velazquez, with seemingly great ease, was able to express a moment in time in which this woman was cooking the eggs. The scarf held by the young man, Mars, seems to hold up her breasts, so heightening the sensuality of the scene.

Veronese has painted a beautiful, voluptuous young woman, Venus, semi-naked. Inspired by artists like Durer, and particularly Paul Gauguin, Zofrea was drawn to the medium of the woodcut and had his first solo exhibition in with the Odyssey series. It is this that gives his work its great power.

He soon evolved his own highly expressionistic style whose imagery and vigour is steeped in his Calabrian background. When I look at this painting, I pay a lot of attention to how Cezanne uses his paintbrush and how he breaks down the tonal values of the form to express his thoughts on the image.

Salvatore Zofrea

His ability to capture the sensation of heat, where we can actually smell the eggs cooking, is magical. He conveys an image of love and understanding, calmness and compassion in this setting.

I was enthralled to be reminded again that here is a great image. At fourteen he enrolled at the Julian Ashton Art School where he studied for the next five years. Zofrea works in oils, woodcuts and frescos which he studied in Italy in through a Churchill Fellowship.

Symbols such as the dog virility and Cupid erotic love in the foreground are used to subtly reinforce the overall theme. And to think that this work was executed by a young man aged nineteen!Salvatore Zofrea is an Italian visual artist who was born in Salvatore Zofrea has had numerous gallery and museum exhibitions, including at the Australian Galleries, Melbourne Derby Street and at the Australian Galleries, Sydney Roylston Road.

Salvatore Zofrea - Salvatore Zofrea was born in and migrated with his family from Italy to Australia at the age of nine. At fourteen he enrolled at the Julian Ashton Art School where he studied for the next five years.

Explore current exhibitions of Salvatore Zofrea (, Italian) on MutualArt. Research past shows & exhibitions to gain deeper insight into the artist's history. By Salvatore Zofrea | February 9, When reviewing an exhibition of such epic proportions such as 'The Greats' at the Art Gallery of NSW, somehow rating the masters out of five stars just doesn't cut it.

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Artist salvatore zofrea
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