An analysis of white butterfly a novel

It all starts when one of L. Like the other victims, her body was partly burned and mutilated.

White Butterfly Analysis

Easy resents the sudden concern of the white officials, apathetic when the victims were black. Cross posted at my book blog, http: The serial killer has women scared, and some are moving in together.

Problem is, the powers that be have little entree to the neighborhood. The entire section is words. Easy and Regina are rearing two children, their infant daughter, Edna, and Jesus, a young Mexican American boy rescued by Easy in an earlier adventure. His first step was to get an education.

It An analysis of white butterfly a novel almost as if he were rage-colored. For Easy, secrecy is a way of life. At the Bouchercon, Mosley told me a film deal was in the works, and that he hoped Danny Glover would play Easy, but thought "the studio" would go with someone more bankable like "this guy Denzel Washington.

He has a reputation for fairness within his community, which makes him valuable to the police and other authorities. Easy goes to work, frequenting bars and asking questions that lead him to a suspect and to a disturbing revelation.

He can be cruel or petty and sometimes cowardly, and too easily led astray by temptations of the flesh.

White Butterfly Summary

And inwhen the Washington Square Press began releasing new editions of the series, each included a bonus short story, which were subsequently collected and published as Six Easy Pieces Like the two novels before it, "White Butterfly" is a pleasure to read, full of well-crafted passages and effective set pieces.

Easy soon discovers that Robin Garnett, the young woman whose death has alarmed the L. President Bill Clinton, then riding the crest of his popularity, cited Mosley as one of his favorite authors.

White Butterfly Themes

As Easy investigates, we meet some interesting characters: He has only one friend he feels he can count on: Rawlins, a Texas native transplanted to Watts, is in "the business of favors," doing a lot of things that private eyes often do: When Lips hit the high notes he made that horn sound like a woman who was where she wanted to be when she was in love with you.

Unlike some larger-than-life P. How could I be so stupid and not bleed the whole world for a dollar and some change? His sentences pull the reader along from one bizarre scene to the next, like a spectator in one of B.

There are also other instances of miscommunication between the two that cloud the future of their marriage. Establishment, was more than the sometime-coed her family knew her to be. He knows -- as a black man living in the last half of the twentieth century in the United States, and from his own experiences -- how easiliy it can all be stripped away.

Mosley turns the hard-boiled L. If they police saw him on the street they shot first and asked questions Mosley was born in Los Angeles and currently lives in New York. As well, his obsessions with acquiring wealth and privacy sometimes lead him into making poor decisions.

Hawk, companion to Robert B. Sweat shone across his wide forehead and his eyes became shiny slits. Married now to a woman named Regina and acting as father to two young children, Easy--the nickname carries a full load of irony--finds it hard to reveal his private thoughts and deeds to those who share his life.

The situation worsens when Easy is approached first by black policeman Quinten Naylor and then by a slew of high city officials for help in tracing a serial murderer loose in Watts. As in "The Red Death," the finale is somewhat disappointing, and this weakens the impact of the book as a whole. Up until this time, the victims had been black prostitutes and exotic dancers.

The police and the press pay little attention, as long as the victims are "Negroes," but when a young white woman is similarly killed, the powers that be demand action.

His second was to acquire property.

White Butterfly Book Summary and Study Guide

One of the most tension-laden visits involves visiting a white family--Mosley subtly conveys an sense of charged atmosphere and potential for disaster without sliding into diatribe. He has cultivated concealment as a method of survival in a hostile environment, a world where white men bend the rules to their own advantage and where even the closest relationships can terminate or turn violent without much warning.

He hides his covert ownership of several buildings by posing as an employee of the man who fronts for him--Mofass, the cigar-chomping, chronic-coughing "partner" who has betrayed him in the past but whom Easy has no choice but to stay with.

This was prickly period perfection.After having mixed feelings about Mosley's second Rawlins novel, A Red Death, feeling like it wasn't up to the standards of his later books, I'm happy he hit his stride with White Butterfly - a really enjoyable noir-type mystery.4/5.

In White Butterfly, Easy is caught in a racist society that forces him to conceal or to subvert his identity. This self-alienation relates to an important theme in the novel, African American gender relations. Butterfly is a young adult fiction novel by Sonya Hartnett about the troubled adolescence of Plum Coyle, set in s Australian suburbia.

White Butterflies

The Blurb is; Plum Coyle is on the edge of adolescence. Her fourteenth birthday is approaching, when her old life and her old body will fall away, and she will become graceful, powerful, and at ease. Genre: Young adult novel. The third novel in Mosley's acclaimed series starring Easy Rawlins, a black PI who lives and works in the Watts section of L.A.

in the s, centers on the investigation of the murder of a white coll. The White Butterfly is a fast-paced romantic novel set in Post-World War I. England. It is the story of one woman's struggle to find herself and to become self-fulfilled in a society that rarely recognizes women as equals to men.

White Butterfly: Featuring an Original Easy Rawlins Short Story

Dive deep into Walter Mosley's White Butterfly with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion. White Butterfly Analysis Walter Mosley.

An analysis of white butterfly a novel
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